Most small business owners struggle to ensure that their systems and network are not only working properly but are also protected and secure. The threat of a data breach, the cost of repairing infected machines, and lost productivity caused by a virus, spyware, or other type of malicious code can wreak havoc on your business. Our Managed Security Services are specifically designed to provide the most up-to-date protection available from viruses and other malicious network attacks.

Keeping your operating system and application software up to date is the first step in keeping your network and data secure. The problem is that the average user can’t tell the difference between fake security prompts and real ones. Our Security Patch Management Service takes this responsibility away from the user and places it with our trained technicians. With our Managed Antivirus Service, your virus scanners are always current, scans are performed regularly, and scan results are monitored by us, which protects you from new security threats as they come along.  Our Web Protection can be fine-tuned to provide the exact level of protection your network needs. We can also customize scripted security measures through our RMM Dashboard to counteract issues like the recent Ransomware attacks.

Security Patch Management

Security Patch Management monitors Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other applications (Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Java, etc.) for security vulnerabilities. These programs require updates when vulnerabilities are detected. Malware often disguises itself as a security update and tricks the user into installing a virus. Security Patch Management prevents this by having all updates approved and installed by our trained technicians.

Managed Antivirus

We can deploy, monitor, manage, report and automatically repair virus threats on workstations remotely without disturbing the user. We receive alerts on the dashboard or by email/text allowing us to respond quickly and reduce your chances of a serious infection. Many viruses are fairly simple to remove if caught quickly enough. If left for long periods of time, viruses will replicate and download more malware. In extreme cases, it can spread to other computers on the network. In very extreme cases, it can encrypt your data files – which then can only be restored from backup.

Web Protection

The Web Protection feature is built around a policy-driven approach so each device that you turn on for Web Protection will point to a central policy. You can edit the policy and adjust settings for the devices with that particular policy, helping you to scale Web Protection to a range of devices as opposed to having device-level settings across the board.

  • Block users from visiting suspected and confirmed unsafe sites
  • Apply web filtering to enforce internet access policies in the workplace
  • Set white lists and black lists to override category-based filters
  • Optionally apply a schedule so employees can access non-work sites during out of office hours or on the lunch hour
  • Apply a ‘web bandwidth’ check and be alerted when there’s excessive bandwidth activity on a network
  • Intelligently filter internet activity by day, category and URL to reveal trends, spikes and irregularities and show or hide URL data depending on data privacy requirements


Custom Security Scripts

With our Remote Monitoring Dashboard we have the ability to push out enhanced security settings. One wave of Ransomware attacks utilized a bug in Microsoft Outlook obscuring double extensions. When people clicked on what they thought was a PDF file they were actually opening an infected zip file. Our custom script to block opening files with double extensions saved many of our customers computers from infection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have XYZ antivirus software. Why do I need a managed security service?

    As much as software developers love to tout the “automagical” software myth, it doesn’t exist. Off the shelf security software can offer basic protection but relies on you to tweak the settings based on your needs. With Managed Security Services a security expert looks at your infrastructure and gauges your exposure and designs an appropriate plan with multiple levels of security. In terms of IT planning, using off the shelf security software is like buying a car and cutting costs on the brakes.

    Will a Managed Security Services Plan guarantee that I won't get malware or hacked.

    While we can’t guarantee that this will never happen, not a single one of our Managed Security clients has been breached. A Managed Security Services plan, when coupled with a proper Business Disaster Recovery plan, will ensure that whatever hackers dream up in the future you will be covered.