Work anywhere, anytime – Microsoft Office 365 includes SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloudbased, document collaboration platform, and storage server.

Cloud data storage solutions allow today’s business to be more accessible to the remote worker. Parents that have to be home with a sick child can still collaborate and be productive.

Allowing outside users to access a business’ internal network has always posed security issues. Giving a remote worker access to non-confidential company documents located in an on-premise server could expose confidential (i.e. accounting or payroll) data contained on the same server.

SharePoint can also be used to collaborate with clients. Offer secure, password-protected access to product manuals or other company documents or develop documents simultaneously during a web meeting using Skype for Business, also included in Office 365.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can two people edit a document simultaneously?

    Yes, the document you are reading was originally created in SharePoint by multiple people working in different locations simultaneously.

    I've heard that if I store my data in the cloud I don't own it anymore. Is this true?

    We can’t speak for all cloud service providers but Microsoft, Google, and iCloud, are pretty clear in their terms of service that they have no claim on your data. If you hired us we would have checked that as part of our due diligence.

    We like the convenience of using the cloud but are worried about hacking. Is our data safe in the cloud?

    Yes. Your data is actually safer in the cloud than on your computer. Our cloud backups utilize military grade encryption that can only be unencrypted by the person with the authentication key. We safeguard that key for you. Even if someone could intercept a transmission they would need the authentication
    key or a very powerful computer and roughly one trillion years of free time for a “brute force” attack by current standards.

    In addition, the data is stored in geo-redundant Canadian data centres. This means that if your data was stored in Vancouver and in a catastrophic earthquake the city happened to slide in to the ocean a copy that was stored in Calgary would come online.