A fundamental part of any disaster recovery plan is an off-premise backup solution.
Fire and theft can be a huge disruption and expense to any business. These costs are magnified if there is no recovery plan in place. Getting your business back up and running includes access to your data. It is imperative that your small business have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Our dashboard monitors the success or failure of many different types of backups. A quick look at the dashboard lets us know that all is well. Email alerts notify us immediately of backup failures so we can take action to remedy the issue.

Our secure offsite backup services provide an offsite copy of your critical data. Military grade encryption, geo-redundant Canadian datacenters, and monthly restore testing ensure that your data is safe, secure, and quickly accessible, should an emergency arise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a cloud backup? I can back up to an external drive and keep a copy at my friend Paul's house.

    Well you could do that but in order to keep the data fresh you would have to go to your friend’s house every day. The other issue is that if that drive was ever lost it may be found by someone and they would have access to your data.

    We've never had an issue with our backup. Why would we add the expense of an offsite backup?

    Theft and fire are two good reasons. Without an offsite backup these two circumstances can seriously jeopardize your recovery. We recommend your offsite backup only contains critical business data, minimizing the costs.