Have you ever sent an email and needed to refer back to it? You check your computer but it’s not there because you replied or sent it from your phone.

Did you lose the ability to send email because someone in your company got a virus and your IP was blacklisted?

Have you ever had your computer crash or have it stolen and lost all your email history and contacts list?

Cloud-based email services such as Microsoft Office 365 put an end to these frustrating situations. It’s a replacement for traditional on-premise email services and so much more. The myriad of benefits provided by this product:

1. Real-time synchronization – Send an email or add a calendar entry on your mobile device and it is immediately synchronized to your other computers/devices.

2. Email blacklist protection – Cloud-based email helps prevent blacklisting of your business email accounts.

3. Automatic Email Data Backup – Your email, contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar data are stored in the cloud. Simply log in to the nearest available internet enabled device and your data is there.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I have cloud email can people read it?

    If you are using Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, or Gmail, then all email is encrypted. iCloud, when used on the web version, is encrypted. If you are using IMAP (third party email clients like Mac mail) then encryption is optional.

    I've had email for years and never had to pay for it. Why would I start paying monthly for my email account?

    Good question. Years ago, email was an adjunct to business communication with phone being the primary form. You could get away with not returning someone’s email correspondence for 2 or 3 days. Now people expect a response within 24 hours or less. Saying your mail server got hacked/blacklisted, insert other excuse here, is just not acceptable anymore and could tarnish your reputation in the eyes of your client. Automatic backups, military grade encryption, 99.99% uptimes, and full synchronization across all your internet enabled devices is important to your staff and your business credibility all for a
    few dollars per month, per user.

    Will my cloud-based email account be backed up in case something happens to my computer or mobile device?

    Yes. Your email, contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar data are stored in the cloud. Simply log in to the nearest available internet enabled device and your data is there.