Disasters do happen – is your business prepared?

It all starts and ends with data. All of the business insurance in the world can’t replace lost data. Are YOU protected? Businesses today rely on IT. Having a Business Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to the survival of your small business and yet small business owners are the least likely to have proper safeguards in place with respect to their business’ IT and data.

All the business owners we talk to say they have a backup. But most of the time when asked for details, they have none. They really don’t know how their backup works or even if it actually does.

It may seem like a remote chance, but disasters do happen. Flood. Fire. Theft. Server crash. Malware attack. Data hack. File corruption. Would your business survive?

We can assess your situation and help you understand where the vulnerabilities lie. Working together we can implement a solution that protects your business as well as fits your budget. Many plans only require a change in procedure and don’t necessarily incur more cost.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many backups are enough?

    Each business situation is unique. We recommend enough backups to satisfy recovery needs for various scenarios. The minimum would be two. One onsite and one offsite.

    What is a Business Disaster Recovery Plan and what does it include?

    A Business Disaster Recovery Plan (or BDR) is a plan to mitigate common circumstances that can prevent or seriously impact the core functions of a business as it pertains to its IT infrastructure. It could be as complicated as clustered servers replicated on geo-redundant data centres or as simple as having a spare system in the closet as a failover solution. We work with you to assess your company’s vulnerabilities and help you develop a plan to deal with these circumstances should they arise.