Reliable Cyber Security was founded to provide SME clients with enterprise-grade protection. Many of the products and services we offer have been available for decades in the financial industry. As the need for security smaller enterprises began to evolve, RCS took those enterprise products and scaled them for the SME market. Today any company can have enterprise-grade security or a complete IT Department at their disposal at a very manageable cost.

Our History
1986-1990 -> The industry is focused primarily on hardware and software sales. Data storage and backups are on floppy disks! Most businesses have computers mainly for accounting, inventory, etc. The phone is still the dominant tech. Our early years, providing solutions to London and surrounding area.

1991-1995 -> The industry is starting to grow dramatically. Networked computer environments are increasingly accessible to the SME. We are deploying Novell Netware and Netware Lite solutions for our clients. The advent of the small office server means backups are becoming centralized. Tape drives are commonplace, and the 3-2-1 backup strategy is employed.

1996-1999 -> This new thing called the World Wide Web is starting to catch on. Our primary focus is on small office networks and managing backups. As the Internet becomes more of a must have for businesses, we show clients how to leverage routers and ISDN connections on their network to share the internet. Previously, companies would employ a dedicated internet line on a dedicated computer or multiple lines with modems in all the computers. ISDN allowed the fax signal to be isolated using a filter and the remaining bandwidth could be used for Internet.

2000 -> We survived Y2K and are partying like it’s 1999 and now the digital age is upon us. We begin supplying turnkey IT management for forward thinking companies that want to get the most from today’s technology. Our offering has evolved as needs have changed but the message hasn’t: Reliable is “Your IT Department”.


Employee Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity training has numerous benefits for an organization. First, implementing cybersecurity training can help mitigate the financial damage of a successful cyber-attack and reduce the cost and stress of recovering from an attack.Read More »

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

The basis of any cybersecurity assessment is an understanding of the current cybersecurity posture of the organization. We begin with a Q&A and then move forward with a SOC2 certified Pen Test and Vulnerability Scan.Read More »

Cybersecurity Protection, Software & Services

Reliable Cybersecurity offers a complete suite of security products and services. From Managed endpoint protection (Managed EDR/XDR), Web Protection, Email Protection and Ransomware protection for your computers to…Read More »